Nov. 20- P. Inman, Allen Fisher




P. Inman’s many books include: amounts to (Potes & Poets), at least
(Krupskaya), criss cross (Roof Books), now/time (Bronze Skull), ocker
(Tuumba Press), vel (O Books), & Ad Finitum ( if p then q press).

Peter’s work is so unique in it’s materiality, vectors, astonishing
sweeps of sound, time & space- his stance is an undermining of the
mere idea or question of “stance”, his process is not strategy but
terse, tactile discrete increments so miniscule & vast that we
constantly arrive at a clearing where there is only a when of a now-

buckle up- his poetry is the most radical & innovative imaginable.


“Writing as an attempt to create a negative, insubordinate space

within the administered space we’re all daily subjected to… So most

of the terminology I find myself falling back on is a terminology of

distancing & differentiation. What writing has to get rid of, what it

isn’t, or hopes it isn’t.”

P. Inman


Allen Fisher has been involved in performance writing since 1962. A poet, painter, publisher, editor & art historian, he has produced one hundred & forty chapbooks & books of poetry, graphics & art documentation. He was co-editor & publisher of Aloes Books; he currently edits & publishes Spanner.

Allen lives in Hereford, England where he is Head of Contemporary Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University in Crewe.

His works include-

The Apocolyptic Sonnets (1978), Brixton Fractals (1985, republished in

1999), Civic Crime (1994), Fish Jet (1997), Gravity (2004),

Singularity Stereo (2006), Leans (2007) & Birds (2009).


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