Dec. 5- Les Wade, Megan McShea, M. Magnus


Les Wade has been producing a series of illuminated chapbooks as part of an ongoing project entitled “moveture.” He has also recently started a new poem sequence called “material studies.”
Les lives in Baltimore.

Megan McShea’s writing has appeared in Shattered Wig Review and the hot off the press i.e. reader. She’s put out two chapbooks of her writing, Recipes for Greatness and Yarn, and had another, California Song, exhibited at Chela Gallery. She recently spent a residency at Hambidge Center in Georgia compiling an anthology of collaborative writing, which will be coming out some point in the not so distant future. She is currently accepting suggestions for a title.

M. Magnus’ Verb Sap came out last year from Baltimore’s Narrow House, M. Magnus has been working on two projects branching off from that book’s themes and poetic processes:
The Re-echoes and Imposter!: instances,regrets.
Although he lives and writes in Alexandria, Virginia, M. homes in on Baltimore and the ie reading series as his literary shelter.

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