Oct. 23- Catherine Wagner, Ric Royer, Marc Nasdor- Friday, 8pm-






Catherine Wagner was born in Burma and grew up in Baltimore. Her books are My New Job (Fence 2009), Macular Hole (Fence 2004), and Miss America (Fence 2001); recent chapbooks include Articulate How (Big Game/Dusie Kollectiv, 2008), Bornt (Dusie, 2008), and Hole in the Ground (Slack Buddha, 2007). She teaches at Miami University in Ohio where she lives car-free with her six-year-old son Ambrose.


Ric Royer is a writer of performances and performer of writings. Recently, one of his friends (same age) had something wrong with his kidneys, and another (again, same age) a problem with his heart. Ric is worried that this might be the beginning of the endless falling apart that happens to people and their peers. He is not quite sure he is strong enough to handle it yet, he could certainly use more time to prepare for what some call “The Quickening”.
His recent publications, The Weather Not The Weather (Outside Voices), Time Machine (Slack Buddha) and his recent productions- 50 Greatest Ladies and Gentlemen (Ontological Hysteric Theatre), and Mary Shelley (premiering at The Annex in December), give him something to do in the meantime.


Marc Nasdor grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and has lived in New York City since 1980. His most recent book is Sonnetailia, published by Roof Books (2007). He is currently at work on a series of compacted, one-page long-winded poems called “Insurgentes.” Nasdor’s first book-length poem, Treni in Partenza,was published in Temblor 7. His poems have been published in translation in Hungarian, German and Spanish, and have been performed in France, Germany and Hungary. In the 1980s & ’90s he co-directed the international arts organization Committee for International Poetry. An art and audio consultant, he is also an amateur ethnomusicologist who presents global dance music under the alias DJ Poodlecannon.


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