April 11- Melanie Neilson, Jessica Grim


Melanie Neilson

Neilson is the author of three books of poetry, including: Natural Facts, (Potes and Poets, 1997); and Civil Noir (Roof Books, 1991), and two unpublished collections, Minor to Major (2007), and Magnanimous Horizon (2009). Selections from the latter two appear in upcoming issues of literary journals.

Neilson’s poetry has been anthologized and published in numerous journals. She has lived in Brooklyn for the last 14 years and works for the NYC Department of Education.


Jessica Grim

Jessica Grim’s books include Vexed (online from ubu editions, 2002) which has just been published in print by BlazeVox,
Fray (O Books, 1998), Locale (Potes & Poets Press, 1995), and The
Inveterate Life (O Books, 1990). Recent work appears in Primary Writing, Exchange Values, and OCHO.
She lives with her family in Oberlin,
Ohio, where she’s a librarian at the college.

Melanie and Jessica were co-founders of Big Allis, a magazine focusing on experimental writing by women which published from 1989-2000. They have worked and collaborated extensively together over the years, and are thrilled to be reading together again.


One Response to “April 11- Melanie Neilson, Jessica Grim”

  1. Chuck Peters Says:

    To Melanie Neilson,

    Hi Melanie, long time no see, talk, or communicate. Thought of you and did a google search, and bada bing, found this, so figured it must be you. Would love to talk again. Chuck Peters

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