March 7- Tom Raworth, Lauren Bender, Rob Halpern

Rob Halpern is the author of Rumored Place (Krupskaya, 2004), Imaginary Politics (TapRoot Editions, 2008) &
Snow Sensitive Skin -a collaboration with Taylor Brady-(Atticus/Finch).
His new book, Disaster Suites is just out from Palm Press along with a new chapbook- Weak Link from Slack Buddhah Press.
He’s currently co-editing the poems of the late Frances Jaffer with Kathleen Fraser & translating the early essays of Georges Perec. Rob is a participant in the Nonsite Collective. He lives in San Francisco.

Lauren Bender is a co-director of Narrow House, the Feminine Arbiter of Phrases for the Performance Thanatology Research Society. She is the author of Whale Box (Publishing Genius, 2007) & Poem (Big Game Books, 2007). Recent performances include Big Pink! at the Baltimore Museum of Art, CorpOreo performed at the Bobby Fisher Memorial Building in D.C. & at the 5th annual Transmodern Festival in Baltimore.

Tom Raworth is one of the greatest poets of the mid/late 20th century
& early 21st century- His genius & generosity has been & is an inspiration & an example for his peers & for generations of younger poets- His many works include-
Visible Shivers (O Books, 1987)
Eternal Sections (Sun & Moon, 1993)
Clean & Well Lit (Segue Foundation, 1996)
Meadow (Post Apollo Press, 1999)
Tottering State (O Books, 2000)
Collected Poems (Carcanet Press, 2003)
Caller & Other Pieces (Edge Books, 2006)

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