June 7, 2008- Ryan Walker, Frank Sherlock, Adam Good

Frank Sherlock and the Philadelphia Poetry scene are synonymous. His work has been published widely in the small and electronic press. He is the author of Wounds in an Imaginary Nature Show, (Night Flag Press), Spring Diet of Flowers at Night, (Mooncalf Press), ISO, (furniture press) and 13, (ixnay press). Past collaborations include work with CAConrad, Jennifer Coleman and sound artist Alex Welsh.His most recent work is a collaborative poem with Brett Evans, entitled Ready-to-Eat Individual , published by Lavender Ink, New Orleans. Frank has hosted a number of poetry series in Philadelphia, and he is a regular contributor to The Philly Sound Blog. You can visit with Frank at http://franksherlock.blogspot.com/

Ryan Walker is the author of Enjoy Potion from The Interrupting Cow Press- among so many other poems that are quickly accumulating
into an evolving panopticon- an aviary – a scooter trope textile gulag of
the ordinary – a poetry – lyric in it’s particulars, particularities –
swept sign- shine-


Adam Good makes some people think of the word
“wholesome.” He edits the online journal Your
Black Eye & his work is available in digital form at
rockheals.com and fascicle.com. He would rather
be a strategist than a poet. Perhaps it’s possible to
be both, so we’ll let him tell us about it.

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