May 3, 2008- Buck Downs, Maureen Thorson, Rupert Wondolowski

Maureen Thorson is a poet and a lawyer living in Washington, DC. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in LIT, The Hat, and Typo. She enjoys non-alcoholic beverages and staying out of trouble. Maureen is the creator & publisher of Big Game Books. She also co-curates & hosts the In Your Ear Reading Series at District of Columbia Arts Center in DC.

Buck Downs is the author of Marijuana Soft Drink (Edge Books) ,the Narrow House chapdisc “Pontiac Fever”, & Recreational Vehicle (Apathy Press). Buck is one of America’s most inventive, provocative & unsung poets. He is currently working on a performance piece called “Shaving the Bear” where he has allowed former Baltimore poet Kevin Thurston to move in with him.

Rupert Wondolowski is currently a crab shack in a lead heavy corner of Curtis Bay weeds.  He edits Shattered Wig Review, hosts Shattered Wig Night and co-owns Normal’s Books & Records in Baltimore. He is currently working on a story and poem collection called “The Origin of Paranoia As a Heated Mole Suit” and watching You Tube posts of Buck Downs shaving Kevin Thurston’s back.  (Speaking of which, please check out Rip Torn and Norman Mailer’s tete-a-tete on said internet device.)


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