Feb. 16, 2008- Lauren Bender, Ric Royer, Adam Robinson

Lauren Bender received a three-legged twin in the mail from someone named M.S. on Fulton Avenue. Lauren Bender plays a three-legged twin in big pants.
Lauren Bender feels like a three-legged twin on some days, and on others, the Other.
She is the Editor of SUCCESS! , a Narrow House journal, and has recently had a poem called Whale Box published by Publishing Genius, here in Baltimore. For a living, she has an Awesome Viet Cong day, every day.

Ric Royer is a writer of performances and performer of writings. He
wants to talk to you, spin lies both mordant and morbid, and sing
songs of hope and disaster. Sometimes he will whisper into your
trusting ear, sometimes he will scream in your face.
Ric has said his words and moved his hands in many places including
Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, D.C. Art Center, Baltimore Theatre
Project, and the Ontological Hysteric Theatre.
He is also a founding editor of Ferrum Wheel and his poems,
performance pieces, essays and reviews have appeared in publications
such as Lost and Found Times, Plantarchy, Xtant, Performance Research
Journal, Synapse and Pataphysica.
His new book and CD, “There Were One and It Was Two”,  was released by
Narrow House Records in the Spring of 2007.
For works and words go visit his website at http://www.ricroyer.com

Adam Robinson runs Baltimore Is Reads, a poetry journal that publishes poetry broadsides in public spaces, like telephone poles, abandoned buildings and under windshield wipers. He has work in several places including local journals The Shattered Wig Review, Rock Heals and JMWW where he is the reviews editor. He has written several feature articles about Christian rock in the national glossy HM Magazine ,and a small selection of poems from his work in progress are forthcoming in Robot Melon.  Adam runs Publishing Genius – a small press & website in Baltimore that publishes chapbooks & printable PDFs. http://www.publishinggenius.com


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