BUCK DOWNS – Postcard Project

This is a new monthly feature on the i.e. site- Buck Downs’ Postcard Project-

One of DC’s & America’s most savvy, discombobulating, inventive, gifted & giving
poets. Enjoy!

“The postcard project began to find its current shape in 1993. I had been hand-typing individual poem-postcards, mailing them to poetry/art friends like Brett Evans, while concurrently doing the small-poet thing of compiling, mailing, and tracking responses to manuscripts from mostly presses and zines. The latter enterprise was depressing and unproductive, even when successful, while the poem-postcards turned out to be a positive hoot. So in the summer of 1993 I gave up the habit of sending work to magazine editors, and raided my address book to build a list of people whose opinions mattered to me.”
Buck Downs, Dec. 2007 


by Buck Downs

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