Chris Mason is a poet and songwriter.   He is a member of
The Tinklers, who have 5 Cd’s out (“Casserole”, “Saplings”,
and “Crash” from Shimmy Disc”;  “Slowpoke” and “Tinklers
with XXOO” from Serious),   and the Old Songs group, who
translate archaic Greek poems and put them to music.
Old Songs can be heard at Penn Sound and on CD:
Books of poetry:  Poems of a Doggy (pod, Baltimore,
1977) and Click Poems (shabby editions, London, 1982).

David Beaudouin, native to Baltimore, is a widely published poet and
performer.  He was the founder of Tropos Press, Inc. (1976-2001), one of the region’s most respected alternative literary presses, as well as THE PEARL (1980-2001), a Baltimore journal of the literary and “spontaneous” arts.  He served for more than a decade as a literary panelist for the Mayor’s
Committee on Arts and Culture and was instrumental in the creation of the
Artscape Literary Arts Award. His books include –
Ten Poems (1973)
Gig (1976)
Two Strange Lovers Getting Into Heaven (with Geoff Royce – 1980)
Catenae, Sets I + II (1988)
Catenae (1989)
Ode to Stella (1990)
American Night (1992)
Human Nature  (1995)
Best Loved Poems of the Baltimore People  (forthcoming)

Bernard Welt is the author of Serenade (Z Press) and has written poetry and fiction for art catalogues, including Splat! Boom! Pow! The Influence of Cartoons in Contemporary Art  (Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, 2003), Raymond Pettibon: A Reader (Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Renaissance Society of the University of Chicago, 1998) and Songs (Hemphill Gallery, 2002), a collaboration with the photographer Colby Caldwell.  “I stopped writing poetry . . .,” originally published in the Antioch Review,  appeared in The Best American Poetry 2001 (Robert Hass, ed., Scribner’s, 2001)and was selected by a reader poll at as the best American poem of the year 2000. He has received a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Writing. His essays for the Los Angeles journal Art issues are collected in Mythomania: Fantasies, Fables, and Sheer Lies in Contemporary American Popular Art (Art Issues Press, 1996; Lambda Book


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