P. INMAN grew up on Long Island off the coast of “America,” 6-7 miles away from the Atlantic; lit pubs include: OCKER, RED SHIFT, CRISS CROSS, VEL, AT. LEAST.,  AMOUNTS. TO., & NOW/TIME; other pubs: Four Fields (DC), Grogan’s (Ennis), Shagwong’s (Montauk), Taafe’s (Galway); employment: retired Federal employee, currently works as a labor rep for AFSCME Council 26, 3 blocks away from the White House; currently sits: 1 foot from keyboard.

Miles Champion’s books include _Sore Models_ and _Three Bell Zero_. Forthcoming are a chapbook, _Eventually_, from A Rest Press and a full-length collection, _How to Laugh_, from AIP. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in recent issues of _No: A Journal of the Arts_, _Shiny_ and _Zoland Poetry_, and his recent collaborations with artists include one on paper with Trevor Winkfield and one in latex with Jane South. He moved to New York from London in 2002.

One Response to “Oct. 20- P. INMAN, MILES CHAMPION”

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