June 16- M. Magnus, Adam Good, Lauren Bender

Please allow me to invite you all to an exploration of secular ritual, as part of the i.e. reading series on saturday evening June 16th…

Poetic Necromancy

The three readers are myself, Adam Good, and Lauren Bender–as you might be aware, all of us have put in some time this past year endeavoring with performance and applications of poetry and text to theatre and theatrical structures…

Towards that, Adam Good and I have planned to explore ritual  specifically as another crossing of lines once defining separations between performance, audience, and text.

On the one hand, this will be a reading, focused on selections from an unpublished book of mine delving into Heraclitus’ fragments, titled Heraclitean Pride.   On the other, we will be incorporating performative elements along the lines of ritual and Adam Good’s Radical Recombinance, in order to explore playful and visceral means for accessing Heraclitus the man, his obscure fragments, and my own interpretation of both through my book.  

Lauren Bender’s reading and presentation of her work alongside this should keep us at the same time grounded and elated–so, please embark with us upon an experiment in secular ceremony, with the frank intention of text-reanimating the ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus.

M. Magnus

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