YOCKADOT- May 5th- Final day-


“Final day for the
Yockadot Poetics Theatre Festival
Staged readings of plays by Brent Cunningham, Lee Ann Brown and Tony Torn, Ellen Redbird, Thalia Field, and Tina Darragh… and more!

May 5th, at the United States Patent and Trademark Offices in Alexandria.

Please join us for performance and first-ever stagings of plays representative of “poetics theatre”–the application of contemporary experimental poetry practices to performance and theater.

Text performance art by Mark Greenwood begins at 3pm, and will be ongoing.
Adam Good will lead improvisitional tours around the USPTO site intermittently throughout the festival

4pm Show: Dominion Stage
Two short pieces of verbal slapstick by Brent Cunningham:
A bevy of Welcomes and The Gunfight.
SOP DOLL! A Jack Tale Noh Drama by Lee Ann Brown and Tony Torn

Sop Doll! uses the strict formal values of the traditional Japanese Noh theatere to dramatize an Appalachian “Jack Tale” (Jack, as in Jack and the Beanstalk). These two traditions encounter each other in the fields of oral storytelling and stage performance. Ballad meter, blues structure, and gospel call-and-response create powerful Western analogs to the music and literary values of this Eastern form.

7pm Show: Yockadot’s poetics theatre troupe under the direction of Enoch Chan
excerpt from Verve on Verge, a “jigsaw puzzle play” by Ellen Redbird, poetics theatre theorist and publisher of Nerve Lantern
Hours by Thalia Field
Bad I.O.U , a brand new play by Tina Darragh

USPTO Madison Building, 600 Dulany Street, Alexandria VA 22314. Accessible to King Street Metro station.

Free of charge. Donations accepted. For more information please see http://www.yptfest.org 703-400-2984.”

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