April 21- Rachel Blau DuPlessis & Bob Perelman



 Rachel Blau DuPlessis is an American poet-critic, whose on-going long poem project, begun in 1986, is collected in Torques: Drafts 58-76 (Salt Publishing, 2007) as well as in Drafts 1-38, Toll (Wesleyan U.P., 2001) and Drafts 39-57, Pledge, with Draft unnnumbered: PrÈcis (Salt Publishing, 2004). In 2006, two books of her innovative essays were published: Blue Studios: Poetry and Its Cultural Work on gender and poetics, along with reprinting of the ground-breaking The Pink Guitar: Writing as Feminist Practice, both from University of Alabama Press. Among her other critical works are a book on modern U.S. poetry from Cambridge University Press, studies of the poet H.D., and the edited Selected Letters of George Oppen. She teaches at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her website is http://wings.buffalo.edu/epc/authors/duplessis

Bob Perelman has written 16 books of poetry, including

*Ten to One: Selected Poems* (Wesleyan UP),

*The Future of Memory* (Roof Books),
*Playing Bodies*, a painting/poem collaboration with Francie Shaw
(Granary Books) and, most recently, *Iflife* (Roof Books).

His critical books are

*The Trouble With Genius: Reading Pound, Joyce, Stein and
Zukofsky* (California UP) and

*The Marginalization of Poetry: Language
Writing and Literary History* (Princeton UP).

He has edited two collections of poets’ talks: *Hills Talks* and *Writing/Talks* (Southern
Illinois UP). He is a Professor of English at the University of

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