upcoming Jan. 20- Graham Foust, Chris Nealon, Simon Pettet

Necessary Stranger (Flood Editions 2006)

Graham Foust was born in Tennessee, raised in Wisconsin & lives in California. His books include- Leave the Room to Itself (Ahsahta 2003), As in Every Deafness (Flood Editions 2003) & Necessary Stranger (Flood Editions 2006).

  Chris Nealon grew up in upstate NY & has lived in Seattle, Boston, San Francisco & DC, moving back & forth from east to west in recent years, teaching at UC Berkeley & spending part of the year in DC. He is the author of Foundlings: Lesbian and Gay Emotion Before Stonewall (Duke University Press 2001), The Joyous Age (Black Square Editions 2004) & has poems out or forthcoming in No: A Journal of the Arts & Magazine Cypress.

  Simon Pettet, born in England, is a long time resident of NYC’s Lower East Side. His books include- Talking Pictures\ The Photography of Rudy Burkhardt (Zoland Books 1994), Selected Poems (Talisman House 1995), Selected Art Writings: James Schuyler (Editor- Black Sparrow 1998), Abundant Treasures (Granary Books 2001) &
More Winnowed Fragments (Talisman House 2005).

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